My heart is heavy this morning. My spirit is grieved…

Grieved for those who have made the big screen their bible; actors, actresses, and producers their gods.

Grieved for the women who have bought into the lie that single motherhood means being constantly on the prowl for a man.

Grieved for my sisters who think that finding a mate means being bedded by any man who shows them a modicum of interest.

Grieved for the sister who feels that she has to support a man and buy his love in an effort to make him stay.

Grieved for my single sisters who desire to be married but who collectively look for love in all the wrong places.

I am heart broken this morning…

My sisters you are being systematically led astray.

I mourn for you; for those of you who have forsaken God’s boundaries to adopt the way of the world.

I mourn for those who have fallen for the guises of the enemy; who have accepted a lie as the truth.

I mourn for those who have minimized their worth just to be held at night.

I mourn for those who cry themselves to sleep because the man who just satisfied their flesh has, in the same motions, ravaged and condemned their spirit.

I am grieved.

Grieved because my sisters do not know their worth.

Grieved because value and morals and dignity have now all been replaced with debauchery and lewdness and lust.


My heart is heavy this morning.

I am praying for us, all. That we will all come to the knowledge and understanding of the purposes for which we were created: Cradles of life, vehicles of favor and blessing, nurturers, wives, mothers, and friends.

Know that I love you, all.

Danielle M. Walcott, The Girl in the Red Shoes.


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